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International Wig Day

International Wig Day is bringing a little fun to life. It is a holiday where anyone and everyone can play along and wear a wig to change their appearance. You can choose to be silly or serious. You can get a wig that will let you try out that haircut you have been thinking about, but are not sure if you are brave enough to do it. Now you have a reason!

History of International Wig Day

Temashop.dk, a costume store in Denmark, created this holiday in 2016 to bring a little fun to life and to create awareness of hair loss related to diseases and chemotherapy. They encourage people to get their co-workers and friends involved and really make the event something special. Men and women, girls and boys are all invited to join.

A lot of stigmas are related to hair loss and people often think that wigs are just for people who have lost their hair due to medical treatment or natural hair loss. It just isn’t the case. Many celebrities have been open in admitting that they use wigs as an accessory to their fashion choices. Actors have used wigs throughout history as part of their costumes. Some people say that certain wigs help them to adopt different attitudes.

How to Celebrate International Wig Day

International Wig Day is all about wearing a wig and getting your friends, co-workers and family involved. Get your work or school to go along as well and let the fun of the event last all day.
Another way to celebrate is to pick a wig and dress on up to go out with your friends. Just enjoy your friends and the atmosphere of where you choose to go. That is what the day is all about, reminding as many people as possible to just slow down, enjoy life and create awareness of the stigmas caused by diseases or chemotherapy; hair loss.

The holiday and movement encourage people and organisations to do local charities or support cancer funds. You could use this day to help raise awareness and money for a good cause at your workplace or school. A donation will allow each person to participate in International Wig Day and the proceeds could go to the charity. Fun and social awareness all in one. Everyone knows that the fun dress up days and events at work can lead to some hilarious moments. Don’t forget to record the fun and post your pictures on social media at #internationalwigday.

The aim of International Wig Day is to involve as many people as possible world wide and support the fight against cancer and create awareness of the hair loss related to the treatment of cancer.


This year Temashop.dk will support the Danish child cancer foundation Børnecancerfonden by donating 5 DKKR per wig selfie shared at #temashopdk and #internationalwigday. The foundation works to cure children with cancer. They support children and families, research and knowlegde within the field. Each year about 200 Danish children is diagnosed with cancer.

Worldwide more than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. There were 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer-related deaths worldwide in 2012 – and the numbers are expected to rise the coming years.

Join our movement by wearing a wig the 10th of March every year. Furthermore, we encourage people worldwide to show sympathy and support by sharing a wig selfie at #internationalwigday.

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